Sofia ♥ Nuno

Code Name: After40Travelers

Our Drive: Family

Our House: Portugal

Our Passion: Travel

Life Dream: Travel The World

Nuno and Sofia we are the After40Travelers. Together since 2006, we are a super happy family.

The year 2018 was magic, we fulfill our dream to quit the city life. We bought a house in Torrão – Alentejo – Portugal, we started building our homestay and we changed our lives!

Now we just want to travel the world and host travelers in our house. Future Friends interested in exchanging travel stories and experiences, beautiful people who, like us, love adventures, simple life, night talks under the stars and smiles lots of smiles.

We Share our house and our traveling stories with you, because we want to take you with us through our adventures and we know you want to come too!

⊂ Happiness is a choice, a way of living ⊃

Homestay – Torrão – Alentejo


In 2018 we spend the Easter weekend in Torrão, Alentejo. That weekend changed our life.

A certain House found us and it chain our hearts. Finally, dreams do come true. This house was just what we had been dreaming about for the last 13 years.

We were decided to change our life. Let’s move to the countryside. Why not?

So, we bought the house and started building the After40Travelers envision of a very traditional yet modern house.

Making Off

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